Rodin Hamidi born in 1983 Tehran, is an independent Cinematographer, Director based in New York City. He obtained a B.A in Fine Arts "Photography" from Azad University of Arts in Tehran as well as a Bachelor of Honors in "Film Production" from Middlesex University Dubai. He then moved to the USA, in 2011 he graduated with a degree in "Cinematography" from the New York Film Academy.

He has shot feature-length films and Short  Films that have played in major festivals in the USA. In 2009, Rodin was awarded the grand prize of the international competition “Global Democracy Video Challenge”  Awarded by Hilary Clinton for his film, The Path, which screened at both the Directors Guild Of America and the United Nations headquarters. His Artworks have been published in several international periodicals, including Next Level Magazine, Canvas Magazine, and a book by Rose Issa - Iranian Photography Now. 




Fashion Film "One Look : Celia Kritharioti" (Cinematographer) Rodin Hamidi  Directed by Ahmed Ibrahim 

Athens, Paris 2018 

Video Art Project "untitled" (cinematographer) Directed by Jingjing Naihan Li & Dylan Ebrahimian Shanghai 2017  

BBC "Documentary, Mohsen Namjoo" (Cinematographer ) Directed by Behzad Bolour New York 2017

BADRIA “Feature Film” (Cinematographer) Co-Directed by Shoja Azari & Rodin Hamidi Morocco 2017 

Looking for Umm Kulthum“Feature film”(2nd Camera Operator, 2nd Unit DP) Directed by Shirin Neshat Morocco  2016

BBC "Feature Documentary" (Cinematographer) Directed by Hassan Solhjoo New York 2016

Flat Tire “Short Film” (Cinematographer) Directed by Rad Spiral  New York 2015 

Dreamers “Video Art” (1st AC) Directed by Shirin Neshat  Upstate  New York 2015

The Casualty Process - violet Machine "Music Video" (Cinematographer) Director by Dani Prados  New York 2015

Night Games “Short Film” (Cinematographer) Directed by C. Ryan Mcvinney  France 2015

Simple Little Lives “Feature Film” (1st AC) Directed by Shoja Azari Upstate New York 2015

Good Friday “Feature Film” (B-Cam Operator) Directed by Dan StoneNew York 2015

Ice Cream " Feature Film" ( 2nd Unit Cinematographer) Directed by Saba Riazi New York 2014 

Hug the Dog “Short Film” (Directed & Photographed) by Rodin Hamidi  New York 2014

Failure Groupies “Short Film” (Cinematographer) Directed by Mandira Chauhan  New Jersey 2013

INDIANA “Feature Film” (1st AC / Creative Producer) Directed by Toni Comas  Indianapolis 2013

Life of an Actress “Feature Film” (1st AC) Directed by Paul Chau   New York 2013

Imagine I'm Beautiful “Feature Film” (1st AC) Directed by Meredith Edwards  New York 2012

Para-America “Feature documentary” Directed & Photographed by Rodin Hamidi & Toni Comas  Indiana 2012

Enough “Short Film” (Cinematographer) Directed by  Gugi van der Upstate  New York 2012

Vengeance Ain't Red “Short Film” (Cinematographer) Directed by Satti Ombao  New York 2012

Confutatis Maledictis “ Short Film”( Camera Operator ) Directed by Marcelo Borja  New York 2011

Pressure “Short Film” (Cinematographer) Directed by Daniel Coimbra  New York 2011

Saint Pigs “Video Art” Directed by ­R­odin HamidiNew York 2011

White “Short Film” Directed & Photographed by Rodin Hamidi  NewYork 2010

Nothing but Beauty “Short Film” Directed & Photographed by Rodin Hamidi  New York 2010

The Path “Short Film” Directed & Photographed by Rodin Hamidi  Dubai  2009


Young Collectors Group Exhibition Leila Heller Gallery New York 2012

OverRuled Directed by Shirin Neshat Performa Biennial Performer NYC 2011

Facts and Illusions London Royal College of Art  Video art Exhibition London 2009 

It's not you, it is me! Venice Biennial U.A.E. Pavilion Lead Performer Venice 2009

It's not you, it is me! Dubai 2nd International Art Fair Lead Performer Dubai 2009

Hope Charity Auction  Focus Art Gallery Photography Dubai 2008

Creek Art Fair Photography Installation Dubai 2008

Mega Cage XVA Gallery Solo Exhibition Photography and Video Art Dubai 2007

Phoenix XVA Gallery Solo Exhibition Photography and Video Art Dubai 2007

Landscape Atbin Gallery Duet Exhibition Photography Tehran 2003

Abyss Baran Gallery Duet Exhibition Tehran 2002

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts 2nd Conceptual Art Exhibition Light Installation Tehran 2001